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The June 17-18 Hillclimbs
Will NOT Require
an AMA Membership
Day Hill Night Hill

The June 17-18 Hillclimbs
Will NOT Require
an AMA Membership
Club History

Waterford, Ohio

1954 - A Motorcycle Club was formed by a group of guys that loved to ride. Those founding members were; Albert Bartell, Bob Hughes, Jack Wolfe, Jerry Dye, Sam Sadler and of course their Wives. The club's original name was the Knights of the Golden Circle.

1956 - The club joined the American Motorcyclist Association and changed their name to Pioneer Motorcycle Club representing the "Pioneer City" of Marietta, Ohio. In 1959 the club was incorporated and became a "Not for Profit" Corporation. During the early years meetings were held at the various members homes at multiple locations through the Mid Ohio Valley.

1957 - Saw the Club's 1st Hillclimb and over the next several years, hosted other types of events; Rocket Runs, Lime Runs and Poker Runs for the road, Hillclimbs, Scrambles, Enduros, Harescrambles for the Off-road, and Motorcycle Rodeos for both road and off-road.

1974 - Pioneer Motorcycle Club, Inc. made their final move to the current location in Waterford, Ohio purchasing 30 acres, clearing land, building a hill and laying out trails soon became priority. The surrounding neighbors have worked alongside the club, allowing them to use the land for various events.

1984 - Hosted our 1st AMA Amateur National Championship Hillclimb in Jenny Wiley State Park in Kentucky

1988, 89, 90, 91, 92 - Hosted "The Buckeye GNCC " Part of the "Grand National Cross Country" Race Series

1996, 2003 & 2008 - Hosted the AMA Amateur National Championship Hillclimb

1957 - Present - The Club has held numerous local events over the past 55 years, including the Marietta, Barlow and Waterford Fair Motorcycle Rodeos, the Wolf Creek and Monkey Butt Enduros, Harescrambles, Grand Prix and of Course Hillclimbs - 2 hills, a night time hill and day time hill make the "climb" a Challenge to all riders.
Currently the Club has approximately 40 active members, which take care of all the up-keep, maintenance, improvements and event duties by donating their time, equipment and energy for the Love of the sport! Two founding members are still active in the club today Sam Sadler and wife Virginia and Ruth Hughes wife of the late Bob Hughes. Les and Kelly Wolfe, Son and daughter of the late Jack Wolfe (founding member) both currently hold offices and are active in the daily operation of the club and events.

Pioneer Motorcycle Club was formed because the founding members enjoyed Motorcycling! So we promote every event on that simple principle - Promote a fun, safe, family atmosphere and the event will be a competitive, fair and an enjoyable experience for All Riders! Please join our Racing Family and experience the "Pioneer Way" of Motorcycling!!

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